Elmo Hugs Will Give Children More Fun

elmo hugsSesame Street’s character Elmo is now available as Elmo Hugs. It is now an interactive toy that will give children a new and different experience of playing with a doll. However, this is not merely a doll. Parents will find this doll able to have fun together with children as there are features that make it come alive. Children will love it as it will look like a character that looks very alive. The toy can hug, dance, and sing; and, he can even feel sleepy. Those are several things about Elmo that you can find on this toy.

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What Makes Elmo Big Hugs Different?

Elmo big hugs is a different toy in a red doll form that will give children just right size for them since it is available in 6.1x12x21.9 inches. It will be the right size that will not be too big for children to play with it. Further, this toy will not be that heavy as it is available with only 4 pounds weight. This is the best thing about this toy in which children will be able to carry it wherever they want. This is a made-in-USA product that will be very safe for children to play. For those who are outside the US, you will still be able to order for this item as it is available for shipping for countries outside US.

More about this toy, you will find it is designed for 1,5 years old and more children so that you need elmo hugs 1to be careful when you think of giving this toy for children under that age. It is important that Elmo Hugs is given for children that quite understand how to play with a toy or doll like this. Since it will not only be common doll that is not able to do anything, you need 4 AA batteries to make it alive to show several fun activities.

Instead of being only a common red doll for children this Elmo big hugs will give children a different experience of playing with interactive toy. It is why this toy will be the right toy for children in preschool. Elmo will be able to say funny phrases, singing sweet songs while hugging your back. It is what this toy is capable of. Other than those simple features on this toy, there are still many more that Elmo is able to do with children. There will be four imagination activities that will take children in an imagination world with Elmo. Those 4 imagination activities will be about astronauts, rabbits, frogs and horses. They will be four fun imagination scenarios that children will never have with any other toys.

To make it look alive, there are more on this Elmo Hugs. You will find it is available with 50 more sounds as well as phrases that make children love this toy even more. Moreover, this Elmo will not only come with those features. He may become sleepy when he listens to a lullaby. You bring the sleeping sound, and it will sleep when you lay it in a flat position. This is what makes it quite different from the other.

Reviews on Elmo Hugs

elmo hugs 2Some people will love it as it comes with those features mentioned before. On the other hand there are also people that do not like as much as the others. It is why you need to know more about it before you are quite sure to get it for your children. Some people love this Elmo hugs because it comes with those interactive features that will invite children to dance, sing, and even to do some imaginative activities that they hardly do with the other toys.

Further, this Elmo loves to hug children so that children will also love it like it is their friend. However, some other people also find it easily broken when their children play with it. This kind of experience may be the accidentally defect that happen to the toy. In my experience, my children love it as it comes with those attractive features that are very interesting for children.

After having those reviews from the parents about this toy, Elmo seems to be a good choice for children. Those features are very attractive and interesting for children to play. Though some others find it not working properly, but you can still complain about this to the company. Above all, there will be fun experience that children will find on this beautiful Elmo Hugs that make it quite different from the other toys that children ever have.